APO HyperPrime Cine 32mm T2.1 Lens

SKU: SLR-APO32PL HiRes Download

  • APO HyperPrime Cine 32mm T2.1 Lens
  • PL Mount
  • Focal Length: 32 mm
  • Aperture: T2.1 to 22
  • Close Focus: 12"
  • Image Circle: 44 mm (full-frame)
  • Lens Gears and Rotation Gears: 0.8 pitch
  • Rotation: 300 degrees
  • Total Length: 94mm
  • Front Lens Diameter: 95mm (For Matte Box)
  • Filter Size: 62mm
  • Optional Accessories
    SLR Magic Titanium or Aluminium PL-mFT adapter
    SLR Magic Titanium or AluminiumPL-E adapter
    SLR Magic Titanium or Aluminium EF adapter
    SLR Magic Titanium or Aluminium NF adapter

A new addition to the APO hyper primes the 32mm T2.1 lens, manufactured to the highest standard to deliver outstanding images in all lighting conditions. Longitudinal chromatic aberrations, colour fringing and colour defects are extremely well controlled. The optical specification precisely engineered mechanical design and 300-degree focus angle rotation makes these lenses suitable for high-resolution 4K, 5K and 6K cameras. The APO-HyperPrime CINE lens series comes standard in PL mount and can be easily adapted to numerous camera mounts using the new SLR Magic aluminium PL adapters.

Jan 01, 1970

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